"Intuition is a part of knowledge that is beyond man's personality. Intuition is pure, it is our own property"
Hazrat Inayat Khan, sufi, musician
zerolines mixes intuitive music and streaming video in live performances.
Once we tried to play music as is, without any purpose. Our early songs were entirely made of cliches. But suddenly we got into a flow that connected and colored everything around. Like a light of magic lantern it changed us and the surrounding world.

It felt as if it were not us playing that new music. Those thirty-year-old guys did not play such music. Millenial muscians dwelling inside us did. Human capabalities steped aside and our spirutial experience took the lead. And false notes don't exist for spirutial experience.

Reproducing that music, learning how to play it turned out to be the biggest issues. We had to run throught the head what came from the heart, to unite spiritual and human experiences. Jimmy Hendrix once said that music is not notes and beats, music is something between them. And that precisely describes our state back then. We were about to get deep into the music materia.

Intuitive moment cannot be programmed. Even geniuses can't do that, for them intuition is an uncontrolled blessing. Real intuition always vanishes when conscientious intention appeares. In our light-hearted, aimless music voyages we avoided this paradox by sticking to three basic rules:

- do not realize what's happening
- do not expect anything
- do not depend on anyone or anything

"In a group of co-operative musicians intuitive music should derive from pure intuition, it is more qualitative than the sum of individual ideas".
Karlheinz Stockhausen

This principle of quadratic function has been long known in science. Nuclear reaction emerges this way.

Zero lines
They say the existence and beauty — that are basically one and the same thing — live on the slowest wave. It is so slow that we cannot see it thinking it is a line. Human perception and life itself are too finite to feel it. We live within other vibrations, on the waves much faster, that is why in a "normal" state we cannot relaize the beauty around. We rarely look up at the sky, watch the sunset or pigeon's fly. And that is the beauty that energizes our inner powers. Without it everything in our lives falls apart and there is no energy left to fulfill anything.

Any art's aim is to slow things down, so after watching a good movie you keep looking up at the sky to watch pigeon's fly for the next week.

Intuitive music is also about slowing down. It has no author. But, to be precise, it does and you know The Author's Name. This music is performed by mellennail musicians, that is why it is so accurate and forever young.

Anonymity is the best word that describes ZL. Anyone can be a part of the project. Our names mean nothing to millennial musicians. It is neither sect nor club, though it does look like that.

Pre-aranged eventuality
ZL is a pre-arranged eventuality: intuitive music and streaming video blends together in live performances. Visual layers generate video sequence that will never repeat itself.

ZIl means unsuaul spaces. In order to slow down you nedd to go through a ritual. And some rituals demand specific places.

#zerolines is a hashtag that fits any mature musician who took the courage of working with pre-aranged eventuality and intuitive music.
"Zerolines is a totally sublime release. It is the best thing that happened to Russian music this year "
Alexander Gorbachev, Meduza
«Concert of the year»
Alexey Munipov after Zerolines premiere at the Moscow Planetarium
«Listeneing to Zerolines on repeat»
Boris Barabanov, "Kommersant" magazine
"Behind ZL stands a complicated, long-term story. But actually it is that simple: Zerolines goes straight up in the air, finally vanishing in a totally dazling way. The songs don't just develop, they go from nowhere to nowhere, like a cloud in the sky".
"Zerolines» is an overwhelmingly meditative and beautiful stream of music. Nesterov is not just singing, he is reciting vibrant lyrics".
Andrey Buharin, «Rolling Stone»
"Zerolines is an intuitive music refering to Stockhausen's experiments".
"Thse are not the songs in a generally accepted sense. There is no verse or chorus and the lyrics are atypical for usual songs. It is a stream in which they realized themselves as millennial musicians free of any genre or stylistical boundaries".
Mihail Vizel, "Vedomosti" newspaper
"... that is the beauty that energizes our inner powers. Without it everything in our lives falls apart and there is no energy left to fulfill anything"
zerolines — Бриллианты
(official music video)
zerolines — Бирюза
(official music video)
zerolines — Есть
(official music video)
zerolines — Марина
(official music video)
zerolines — В углу дивана
(official music video)
"You don't want this, you're not ready, you won't get this, just beat it, they say. When everything is adapted to consumerism this sect-like roleplay seems to me the right thing. Having swung to the right the pendulum will inevitably swing to the left"
Oleg Nesterov
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"It is neither sect nor club, though it does look like that"
Moscow Planetarium / 2018
Erarta / 2016
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Moscow Planetarium / 2016
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